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Why Choose Foam & Fabrics?

Since 1989, Foam & Fabrics has become well-known in the community  with a reputation for unquestionable integrity. As the fabric business evolved, so did Foam & Fabrics. We’ve transitioned from selling fabric off giant rolls, like an outlet store, to a showroom, having a huge library with thousands of fabric to choose from. In true entrepreneur spirit, the atmosphere is not painted on the walls of the Foam & Fabrics workshop.

One of the few truly “Fine” Custom Upholstery & Furniture establishments, the upholstering performed by Foam and Fabrics is second to none. Beyond the personal and custom approach, there is one trait which is becoming harder and harder to find in the furniture business. Quality!

Stores such as IKEA, Living Spaces and Ashley Furniture are considered “throw-away” furniture. Furniture purchased for teenagers and college students, and not expected to last more than a year or two. The boom in “distressed” and “Shabby Chic” furniture has produced items made of inferior quality frames and using inferior quality padding; with enormous price tags! A quick analysis of these facts shows the average cost of furniture has risen, while the quality has worsened.

Foam & Fabrics put their foot down and refused to change with the times. Compromising quality for a bottom line has never been our policy and never will. We have chosen to keep values and ethics at the forefront of and to hold a standard to be respected and appreciated. This attention to detail and refusal to cut corners means your furniture will last a lifetime instead of 3 to 4 years, like most.

Don’t throw away your grandmother’s chair! By the time we are done with it you won’t recognize the piece anymore. Older furniture has much more solid framework and will last many years if taken care of. Bring your old, tired antique furniture and we will have it looking brand new in no time.

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